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 We are Modern Suede and patches and key chains are our game. This is a little bit about us...         

  •  How did you get into selling patches? We've always been into scooters and mod culture and were struggling to find original patches to put on our jackets. Patches representing club affiliations, bands and scooters themselves were synonymous with mod culture. We had the bright idea for us to make our own and sell them on eBay, and we grew from there. We also started to get requests from people we knew to do patches for scooter clubs and their annual rallies, our custom requests have also grown to all kinds of people, businesses, organizations.
  • Where are you located? We don't have a brick and mortar store, we attend swap meets and rallies where we can sell and we sell online. We are located in Western Canada
  • How long you have been in business? We started our business in 2006, we were selling 16 designs on a multinational internet consumer-to-consumer corporation, very, very slowly. Otherwise we harassed friends, scooter club mates and so forth to buy our stuff in person.
  • How long have you been running your online shop? We have had an online web store probably since 2007 in some form or another maintained and created by us, much to our dismay. We are hoping this shopify thing is going to make life easier.
  • Who are the people on your team? We are a micro-company there is just the two of us and we have wonderful support from family who can help out a little when we are on a vacation. One day we would like to be able to support having another (paid) person helping us out.                                   


Us Our Baby One of Our Scooters '64 GS160  and another '61 GS150




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